Martin R. McGowan
I watched King Kong once when I was nine, it's been trouble ever since.
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By the point of writing I’ve been in an American quarantine clusterfuck since April. I’ve spent the time (depressed) learning as much as possible, and at the time of writing, I’m 24 hours removed from the release of a film I’ve worked on for three years total.

The next…

Since June of 2015 I’ve been a subscriber to the complete version of the Adobe Creative Cloud. While it’s served me beautifully during that time, and I hardly even scratched the surface of the software as I never actually opened After Effects (preferring instead to do all my (minor) VFX…

Okay so the title is a bit of misnomer. Mockingbird is out of the edit, and now onto sound and music. SO strictly speaking it isn’t finished, but strictly speaking I don’t give a fuck, it’s finished to me.

Chapter 1: A Rushed Script

Following the release of Abigail in 2018, I had already been…

Moving across the state, an entire family moving in under one roof for the first time in damn near a decade, unemployment, employment, more unemployment, global pandemic.

Any one of these things would reasonably delay the finishing of a (mostly) one-man production, and all of them have happened in an…

Telling A Story In New Ways To Expand Your Vocabulary

Still from “Siren”

That image is pretty arresting, I think. A woman, covered in blood, and (in motion) breathing heavily. It grabs the viewers attention in a way that’s different from my usual opening shots.

I’m a very aesthetically-driven person. I enjoy lining…

Quick disclaimer: there are going to be certain things you cannot get from base level gear that you can get from pro or prosumer gear, HOWEVER overwhelmingly those things are quality of life improvements and things that your audience will NOT notice while watching.
Okay, on with the show.


One of the biggest hurdles in no-budget filmmaking is kit, meaning lighting, or a dolly, or whatever else.
There’s never enough time or space to use the kit if we had it, and to make things worse, we don’t have it.

This means a lot of no-budget films show their…

Martin R. McGowan

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